Festival to make the Bloemerstraat blossom

23 Nov 2016

This weekend, there is a lot to do in Nijmegen, but it is a little less easy when you do not speak Dutch. One of the things you can do, is visit Days of Blossom, an art, film and culture festival in the Bloemerstraat. The aim is to bring a little flair back to the street.

The Bloemerstraat, the street from the station to Plein 1944, is a street that locals jokingly call the ‘gaza strip’. It is one of the most cheerless streets of the centre, and organisation Blossom wants to do something about that. One of the ways the organisation tries that, is by organising Days of Blossom, a festival about culture and entrepreneurship in the Nijmegen city centre.

For Days of Blossom, Blossom works together with organisations like short film festival Go Short, Oddstream, literary production house Wintertuin and café De Plak. Everything takes place at Bloemerstraat 115, where Go Short and Deep End show films in the basement, Oddstream demonstrates the possibilities when you combine art and technology and Cup of Blackbird lets you taste coffee. Not everything is in English, but you will definitely be able to visit the films, view the art show, and people will speak English to guide you around the festival.

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