Four Days Marches blog (5): The grand finale

22 Jul 2022

Vox-employee and student Isabelle Geoffroy is going to walk the Four Days Marches this year. For the first time. During the week, she will keep a diary in which she will reflect on the 160-kilometer journey. Today, her fifth and final entry: the road to the Via Gladiola.

This morning was different than the previous ones. My head was spinning and I felt nauseous. ‘At least it’s the last day’, I thought to myself. But after the first five kilometres of walking and my second cup of coffee, I was back on track. My feet were tired, but I was ready for today’s challenge.

Isabelle Geoffroy after completing the Four Days Marches

Today has been my hardest day so far. The time passed slowly. One the one hand, I hoped the walk would end, but on the other, I also hoped it wouldn’t. My friend’s feet were covered in blisters, but experienced walkers helped her and she bravely fought the rest of the way. Nothing was going to ruin her mood and she danced and smiled all the way through.

‘The Four Day Marches have been the craziest thing I have ever done’

During the last ten kilometres, the only thing I could think of was how unreal this experience has been. Never have I experienced so much support, love, pain, and happiness in one day. I walked the last kilometres slowly but proudly.

And then, we were there. For the first time, I was at a loss for words. I could only smile. I sat down and slowly removed the shoes and socks from my feet. And then I saw it: a single blister on my heel, a tear rolled down my cheek. The Four Day Marches have been the craziest thing I have ever done – and I would do it all over again. This week, I found a new family – in the people cheering, organising and walking this incredible event.

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