GNSK Sports Tournament uncertain due to corona crisis

30 Jun 2020

The fact that the GNSK (Dutch students sports championship) had to be cancelled this year came as no surprise to anyone. But now next year's edition is also being threatened: the university sports centres, who finance the event, are cutting back on spending.

The GNSK is an annual sports tournament in which teams from various university cities come together for a weekend to compete against each other in a number of events. Thousands of athletes attend. This year’s edition, which was to take place in Enschede, was cancelled due to the coronavirus measures.


It’s unclear whether next year’s edition can take place. The university sports centres, which normally finance the tournament, have missed out on a great deal of income in the last months due to having had to temporarily close. For that reason, they are unwilling to pledge the funds for the 2021 GSNK.
The student sports councils, including that of Nijmegen (NSSR) have therefore started a crowdfunding campaign to raise the 30,000 euros needed. Everyone who donates money through the NSSR could, for example, receive a pair of sports socks bearing the text #TEAMNIJMEGEN. The Nijmegen branch is also organising a racket sports clinic, the proceeds of which will go to the crowdfunding.

Keep operating

NSSR committee member Kelly Heidekamp has every hope that the GNSK will be able to take place next year. She understands that the sports centres are reluctant to fund it at the moment. ‘They don’t want to take the risk. Naturally, it’s more important to keep the sports centres operating than it is to invest in the GNSK.’

Nijmegen is traditionally well-represented at the GNSK. Team Nijmegen won six of the last seven editions.

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