New in Nijmegen: Bjorn

28 Aug 2020

First-year communication science Bjorn Spaan (17) grew up in Nijmegen. Now he's studying in his hometown.

Bjorn Spaan (17) is fascinated by social media. That’s why he decided to study Communication Science. Bjorn was born in Nijmegen. He prefers his hometown above other cities because the study is not too big.

‘I was born and raised in Nijmegen, went to school in Nijmegen, and now I’m studying in Nijmegen. I love this city and my friends and family are close by. Besides that, I believe Nijmegen is the best place to study Communication Science. In other cities like Rotterdam and Utrecht, communication science has more students. I prefer having smaller groups like in Nijmegen.

I chose Communication Science because I’m interested in marketing and social media. How can you influence people by using social media? That’s the question I’m interested in.

In the future, I’d like to help companies building their own social media strategy. Social media are changing very fast and many companies are having a hard time keeping up.

Which social media I use myself? Instagram. Snapchat, YouTube. But I’m not using these socials professionally yet, it’s just private. I like checking ads in my time line. Sometimes you get advertisement from companies whose website you visited just a couple of hours earlier. I think it’s interesting to see how that works.

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