Sexy RAG week calendar more popular than ever

21 Feb 2017

From the 8th to the 15th of March, students raise money for charity during the annual RAG week. One of the main ways to do that is the 'Sexy with Style' calendar, filled with photos of student association boards. This year, the calendar is more popular than ever, 760 of them are printed. The Mycelium board made the best picture. 'It was kind of weird when we stood there, butt naked, and a child's birthday party walked in.'

The RAG week calendar is sold annually, and holds two sexy student board photos per month. ‘Every year, the calendar becomes more renowned’, says Anouska Kersten, on behalf of the RAG week board. The board presented its program this week. ‘A lot of people do not know the RAG week, but do know the calendar. Because of the great enthusiasm for the photos, we had to turn down thirteen student boards.’

‘The cafeteria was open during the shoot.’

The participating boards have to order a number of calendars in advance, the 24 biggest customers earn a spot on the calendar. After that, the students are responsible to send in the best picture. ‘Our association always participates, and every year, the board tries to take a better picture than last year’, says one of the board members, who wants to stay anonymous ‘so that the first thing you see when you google me, is not my naked ass.’

Mycelium drove to a cafeteria in Sint-Oederode, in Brabant. The ladies had to get their make-up done first, it took three hours. After that, the photographer could start taking photos. ‘We started with our pants on, because otherwise, it would be quite a shock for the owner. Luckily, later, he did not mind some naked buttocks. The cafeteria was open during the shoot. People who came to buy a kroket were a bit surprised, of course. It was also kind of weird when we stood there, butt naked, and a child’s birthday party walked in. We put on some coats and waited until they were gone.’

All the effort paid of: the photo was named ‘best photo’ during the pre-RAG week drink last week. The calendars are for sale during the RAG week at the participating student association boards, at book shop Dekker van de Vegt and at the RAG bar in the Culture Cafe.

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