University prepares for face-to-face education to start after the May holiday

15 Apr 2021

Are universities allowed to open on 26 April or not? The cabinet will only give a definitive answer on this next week, according to this week’s press conference with Mark Rutte and Hugo de Jonge. Radboud University has already decided not to open the lecture halls before 10 May anyway.

Universities hope to be able to provide face-to-face education again starting 26 April. This date was previously given by the cabinet as the moment when higher education can reopen. Next week, it will be announced whether the plan will go ahead, as we learned yesterday during the press conference with outgoing Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Minister Hugo de Jonge.


In any case, Radboud University will not open the doors of the lecture halls before the May holiday (3 May to 7 May). A news report from the university states that the week of April 26 will be used for preparations. Starting that same week, students will be able to see in their personal timetable when they can return to campus.

As soon as face-to-face education is possible again, students and lecturers will have access to home tests, the use of which is not mandatory, but strongly advised: ‘Radboud University calls on everyone to do these tests, for the safety of yourself, fellow students and lecturers.’ A small-scale pilot study involving home testing is already underway.

Social control

Yesterday, Professor of Infection Prevention Andreas Voss told Vox that home tests can work well, but that it is important that campus visitors do two or three tests every week. To ensure that the tests are done properly, and also to increase social control, he suggested that the tests be carried out on campus.

Another advantage of on-campus testing, according to Voss, is that the tests do not have to be picked up or delivered to the home. The university announced today that it has not yet made a decision about how to distribute the tests among students and staff. They will be informed about this.

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