Working from home is once again the norm at university

01 Oct 2020

(Even) more studying and working from. In a nutshell, that is what lies ahead for students and university staff for the next three weeks - or longer.

Rising infection numbers forced the government to take additional corona measures on Monday, and which will be applicable for at least the next three weeks. From now on, groups may consist of a maximum of four people, and no more than thirty people may be present in a room. Employees must work from home as much as possible, unless there is no other option.


Tuesday, Radboud University announced what this means for the university. For students, not much will change, because education is exempt from the stricter national measures. Physical education will therefore continue in the same way as before, including lectures and exams. It will also remain possible to study on campus, such as in the study workplaces in the university library. The maximum of thirty people does not apply here, because it concerns an educational activity. Reservations are still required.

Traveling to the campus is allowed for education and exams, but students are requested to study from home as much as possible.

Staff members

For employees, the situation will resemble the one during the “intelligent lockdown” in spring. The Executive Board asks employees to work from home, unless there is no other option, for example due to personal circumstances.

Also if the type of work demands it, one can come to the university. This is the case, for example, with lecturers who have to teach and scientists who conduct their research in laboratories, but also for support staff who maintain computer servers.

The restaurants on campus will remain open, for a maximum of thirty visitors and four people per party. ‘Grab and go’ is still possible. Reservations are necessary for those who want to eat at a table.

Working out at the Radboud Sports Center also remains possible, the university writes, but without an audience. The maximum number of participants of a ticket hour is not reduced.

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