End-of-year questions (3): Thijmen Sietsma

03 Jan 2019

Thijmen Sietsma is the coordinator of the Radboud Green Office. Mission of the office: mapping and stimulating all sustainability initiatives on the campus.

How do you look back on the opening of Radboud Green Office?

‘Positively, I did some nice things. We ran a campaign called “Adopt a plant” during Wellbeing Week. All the plants were gone in no time at all and there was a long waiting list. We also received 60 applications from students. It was particularly nice to see the enthusiasm for sustainability.’

What was the highlight of 2018 for you?

‘I am not sure if it was the highlight, but it was at least a highlight: getting this job. I had been involved with sustainability on a personal level, and then I found this. It gives me great pleasure to work on it and to work with students.’

What is the best thing you’ve seen, heard or read this year?

‘It is not one thing, but a trend that I’ve noticed the past year. Sustainability is in the news more and more. Not only at a local level, but also at the national level. I think this is a positive change, because it shows that people realise that change is necessary.’

What is your wish for 2019, for yourself or for others?

‘I won’t give you the standard boring answer and say that I want more sustainability at the university. There is something that I really look forward to in 2019, can I mention that? I will participate in the Great Outdoors Challenge in May and go hiking through Scotland.’

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