Roof of Spinoza building on fire

14-02-2017, 13:58

Foto: Martine Zuidweg

The roof of the Spinoza building has caught fire. Allegedly, it happened because of a cooling unit that was placed on the roof because of maintenance. As far as we know now, nobody got hurt. As soon as we hear more, this message will be updated.

The building was blocked with barricade tape and the elevators are out of order. The fire department is upstairs to extinguish the fire. Students and employees can get free coffee in the Grotius cafeteria.
Update 12.50: ‘We were downstairs, having our lunch break in the cafeteria, two psychology students say, while standing outside in front of the main entrance of Spinoza building. ‘Suddenly we heard someone announce over the intercom that we had to go outside and could not use the elevators. That was quite a shock.’ They look up at the smoke coming out of the roof.

The police, who arrived with seven cars, orders the students who gathered around the entrance to leave. Some of them quickly take a picture with their phones, and leave. ‘The fire department should not be disturbed’, a policeman explains. But the fire department is already upstairs, as is visible by the smoke. The cloud is getting smaller and smaller.
Update 13.17: The fire is under control. Employees and students are allowed to enter Spinoza building. The first eight floors of the building are accessible.

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