It’s as nice and dirty as it used to be (2): Frans Halsstraat

05 Mar 2019

Your old student room. Hard to think about it without getting a bit nostalgic. This was the place where you first lived on your own. Where you made new friends. Five VOX editors dare to go back in time. One of them actually still lives there. Today: Robin Oosthout at Frans Halsstraat.

Cheating Moth is a card game that encourages players to cheat, ‘legally’. The goal is to get rid of your cards by letting them fall under the table unseen. If someone sees you doing it, you lose. Almost every day, one of us posts a message on the WhatsApp group: ‘Who feels like a game of Cheating Moth?’ We play other games, too, but this one’s sure to give rise to some hilarious moments.

There are seven of us sharing this house, all girls, divided over four floors. We go out together, sometimes eat together, and celebrate all our birthdays together. Christmas dinner is one of our traditions. And this year, we’re even going away for a weekend together.

We all have our own quirks when it comes to food. Some are vegetarians, others suffer from allergies. So when we eat together, we always make fried rice or wraps. That way we’re sure everyone can enjoy their food.

A few of my housemates smoke, so we also spend time outside on the pavement in front of our house. If we want to find out something about a housemate, we usually send her a WhatsApp message. Even if she’s at home. But we also recently bought a board that hangs in the hallway so that you can indicate whether you’re home or not. Kind of like the good old days.

In the four years I’ve lived here we’ve become very close. It’s nice to always have someone to chat to about your day or to lend you something you need. My housemates have turned into my friends. I’m not even bothered anymore by their half-empty coffee cups on the table, or the mess in the kitchen. On the contrary, these things make me feel even more at home.

Robin Oosthout (22) has lived in the Frans Halsstraat in Nijmegen since 2015

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