New in Nijmegen

21 Aug 2019

Who are those new students that are walking on campus? Three portraits.

Britta (18), from Doesburg

‘I am from Doesburg, a town just inside the Achterhoek area, and I am here for a Biomedical Sciences degree. At first, I was thinking about going to Utrecht, but finally I decided that a programme in Nijmegen would help prepare me for a job more. I found a room in Nijmegen-Oost, travelling for an hour and a bit every day was too long for me. I was lucky, I only had to visit two different student homes before I got it. There are many people here from Brabant and Noord-Limburg, I noticed. Luckily, also some people from the Achterhoek. I am looking forward to it!’

Britta. Foto: Tom Hessels

Joost Woudenberg (19), from Dieren

Joost Woudenberg Foto: David van Haren

I’m going to study Economics and Business Economics – the English track, because it’s more internationally oriented. This will hopefully result in better job opportunities. For me, money was an important aspect when I chose my study. I’m still living at home, but would like to move into a student accommodation within the next half year, when I’m more used to student life. I’m a huge party animal, so I would also like to join a student association. My goal during the intro is to do everything that is asked of me: that will keep it interesting!’

Job Verheijen (20), from Nijmegen

‘Yes, I turned twenty today! That’s because I did three levels of education in high school: first vmbo, then havo and eventually vwo. I wanted more and more, so I kept working until I couldn’t get higher. And now law school – that’s what my father studied as well. In my second year I want to start looking for a room, but first I want to find out how hard law school will be for me. It will definitely be difficult to combine everything: I already have three groups of friends, but I also want to make friends here. I’m preparing myself for a busy social life.’

Job Verheijen. Foto: Tom Hessels

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