New in Nijmegen (2): Alex Posna

30 Jan 2019

Over 200 international students are arriving this week from every inhabited continent of the world. They start with orientation week. Today: Alex Posna, American student with Dutch roots, who decided to cross the ocean to study in Europe.

Alex Posna is an International Business student, he comes from Fort Myers, Florida, United States. He takes on the responsibility to live and study so far from home. He tells all about the U.S and the big distances that separate one state from the other. Actually Posna is from Florida, but he has decided to move his life to Ohio, where he is doing his studies at the university of Dayton. He says that 2000 km are dividing Florida from Ohio, the equivalent of travelling across four European countries. Posna loves football and baseball and he is looking forward to explore all the activities offered by the Radboud’s Sports Centre.

Why did you choose to come to the Netherlands?
‘My dad is from Limburg, in the south of the country, I have Dutch roots. I also decided to move here because I really want to improve the language, since I have not practice it for a while and I would love to speak Dutch fluently. It is not my first time in the Netherlands, but I want to enjoy my time here, I would love to explore new cities and travel across the borders.’

And why Nijmegen?
‘Firstly because I saw that the university has an advantageous position on the ranking list, I believe that it has a wide and qualitative academic offer. Another reason why I chose to come here is the historical background of the city. I love history, Nijmegen is the oldest city of the Netherlands, it was built during Augustus’ age.’

Since you have Dutch origins, what do you think about Dutch people?
‘Ok, all right. I want to start with the common stereotype and then I will tell you my personal experience. The stereotype, of course, is that Dutch people are always rude and unpleasant, but from my own experience I met just one or two guys that were actually like that. All the people that I met here had the opposite kind of behavior, they are kind and generous. Certainly in every country, the U.S. included, you can find rude people. I also have to tell you that Europeans know more about history and global current affairs, and that is fascinating.’

I am sorry Alex, but I do not know if you can really play American football or baseball here. Can you live without that?
‘Do not worry, I am doing fine also with basketball’.

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