Ranking the faculties: ‘Here, we often do it with each other’

05-04-2017, 10:16

Marjolijn Maltha

At Radboud University's smallest faculty, there is a strong feeling of solidarity with each other. The philosophers, theologists and religious scientists hang out with each other a lot. And yes, they often also end up in each other's bed.

Marjolijn Maltha (24), philosophy student

‘Most stereotypes about our faculty are true. We are quite enthusiastic when it comes to drugs. People smoke a lot of weed, and occasionally, people use some xtc, cocaine and pep. I do not take a lot myself, actually. But it does fit the image of the philosopher who has to get high to be able to think about life.

It is funny to me that we call ourselves the best in bed. I think that is because a lot of people do it with each other here, haha. There really is a faculty feeling. Sometimes we go out together. That’s always a lot of fun.

A faculty that I have strong prejudices about is the science faculty. They are the nerds, of course. They should really work on their image. If they care, of course. Maybe they think it is fine: they do not go outside much anyway.

I don’t like going to the Grotius building. I feel so underdressed there, I think only law students feel welcome there. The students at the management faculty are kind of like failed law students: with that group, it’s just not really working.

Selina van de Laan (26) and Lisanne Hemmen (24), philosophy studenten

Selina: ‘Philosophers have the image of a rebel, on the sidelines of society, looking down from their  ivory tower. For example, when I was at a Carolus party and a law student openly started flirting with me it was enough to say I study philosophy. He thought that was “a pity”.

There is a big difference between philosophy and law. A lot of philosophers are not really thinking about money during their studies. Amongst each other, we joke that we will all get unemployment payment together after college. On top of that, nobody minds if you come to class in a hoodie. Luckily that’s also no problem in Doornroosje or NDRGRND.’

Lisanne: ‘I think people do not really realise what philosophy as a science is. That’s strange, because it affects everyone. As a philosopher, you should involve in other fields of work as much as possible. Most FFTR students do not live in a bubble.

I do think that in comparison with others, people at our faculty use more drugs. Some students, especially senior students, smoke weed to get new ideas. Amongst the new philosophy students, I notice a shift: they just drink a lot.’

20170404_155711Tabitha van Krimpen (19), theology and business student

‘Do people use a lot of drugs here? I did not notice much of that. The faculty stereotype that I know is mostly that we can be a bit vague, that we think a lot about the world. Especially the theologists are the more serious type.

I do think that the study programme is not coming first for everybody. I think third, after work and social life. That is different for medical students, I think. They work much harder.

We are very interested in what we do. More than law or management students. They take the easier route: they choose a field in which they can make a lot of money later. / Thijs van Beusekom & Mathijs Noij

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  1. D wrote on 5 april 2017 at 17:08

    Wat fantastisch hoe open-minded deze filosofiestudenten zijn als het drugs betreft. Wat jammer dat ze dan weer erg bekrompen denken over stereotypen wanneer het andere studenten betreft. Kom eens uit dat ivoren torentje om te praten met het plebs van de andere faculteiten.

    Kortom, weer een grote hoop schijt van Vox zoals we gewend zijn. Hartelijk dank.

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