Ranking the Faculties: ‘Everyone at the Faculty of Science is in a relationship’

13-04-2017, 18:49

Dries (L) and Luc

There are plenty of stereotypes about life science students on campus: they dress poorly, they're bad in bed and they're incredibly smart. Today, Vox put the Faculty of Science to the test. "We go through our fair share of beer."

Chemistry students Luc van Keulen (22) and Dries Kleuskens (20), science student Denise Meerkerk (21) and science/mathematics student Maaike Heijdenrijk (20)
“The other faculties probably think we’re nerds because we have a lot of classes. We are a little nerdy and shy, but that doesn’t mean we love to study! We’re just incredibly efficient. For example, after a late night on the town, we simply get up and go to class the next morning. That said, it’s almost impossible to graduate within three years if you also want to have a bit of a social life alongside your studies.”

“We don’t really go out all that much, but we do go to all the parties organised by the faculty study associations. BeestFeest, for example, is a popular party that draws a lot of students from other faculties. We go through our fair share of beer here [in the student canteen, ed.] when we unlock the fridges at four in the morning.”
“Everyone at the Faculty of Science is in a relationship. There are a lot of couples, which probably means a lot of sex. Maybe that’s why they stay together so long, because the sex is good. That would undermine the stereotype about us being bad in bed. We found plenty of volunteers to test out our theory. Just kidding!”
“As for clothing, we just don’t care. We wear what we like and very few girls wear make-up. At the Faculty of Law, they have to dress nice. I think it has to do with the field. Here, even our lecturers wear T-shirts.”


Daja van de Vosse (21), mathematics/molecular life science student
“The Faculty of Science organises a lot of its own parties. That’s why we don’t go out in the city as often. A lot of people here a little introverted, which might explain the stereotypes. But there are plenty of stereotypes within our own faculty as well. For example, a lot of people think maths students are boring. There are quite a few stereotypes about biologists as well, but I’d rather keep those to myself.”


Jesse Claessen (20), science student
“A lot of the stereotypes about science students are true. We don’t dress very well because we don’t care how we look. Students at the Faculty of Law could never show up in shorts, but here it’s perfectly normal. We also work hard because we have to in order to pass. Some science stereotypes just aren’t true. We might not have as many one-night stands, but we do have a lot of relationships. This probably means we have more sex, relatively speaking. We also drink a lot in the canteen and at parties and get-togethers organised by the study associations. I know for a fact that the parties organised by the Faculty of Law are by far the most popular.”

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