Ranking the faculties: ‘For drugs, you have to look at the philosophers’

06-04-2017, 22:44

Erik en Olaf, Foto: Thijs van Beusekom

Social science students think they are very social. Another important thing: they perform above average in bed, ánd they dress well (they think).

Erik (23) and Olaf (21), Educational Sciences

Erik: ‘I think that students of our faculty are not seen as the smartest. That’s because everything we do is a bit vague. Science topics are more clearly defined, and even in high school those were seen as harder. Still, I do not worry about my future. The education sector needs men. Who have the most sex? Social scientists! We are very open when it comes to that. However, we don’t do drugs. You have to look at the philosophers for that.’

Olaf: ‘Oh yes, of course! I completely forgot about philosophy. In the survey, I said that people at the medical faculty use the most drugs, but I take that back. Here at social sciences, we do not use much drugs, we are to sober for that. We do have a lot of sex. The sex stereotype about our faculty probably has to do with the fact that people think we are a bit dumber. “They are dumber, so they are easier”, they think. Furthermore, the law faculty is too well-dressed and the philosophy, theology and religion sciences faculty often lives in another world. I think it’s all the drugs.’

Marleen (20), Malou (19), and Danielle (28) (‘no last names!’), Sociology
Malou: ‘We are actually taught not to think in stereotypes. Other students thinks we are the hippie type. That is not correct.’

Marleen: ‘No, for hippies, you have to visit anthropology studies. We were in one class with them and it is easy to spot them. Dreadlocks, exotic clothes. I would not be surprised if they smoke a lot of weed. But hey, we are attending the same faculty. So the stereotype might be right.’

Malou: ‘All my friends from the science faculty are part of a student association like Phocas or Carolus. In my year, there’s only one. That’s funny, because you would expect it to be the other way around.’

Marleen: ‘I do think the people who attend our faculty have the best sex. I don’t know why, it is just a feeling. That is hard to prove, of course; you would have to get someone to visit every faculty to know for sure. The people in our programme also hook up with each other a lot. We keep track of that in a diagram. Some have up to twenty connections with other people.’

Danielle: ‘Who dress the best? Well, if you like snobs, you should go to the law faculty. We just do what we like. That way, everybody looks good.’

Marleen: ‘So now we are thinking in stereotypes. People tend to do that, I guess. It is the only way to survive as a species. Darwin, we have learned that too.’

Hanna, Foto: Maarten van Gestel
Hanna, Photo: Maarten van Gestel

Hanna van der Zwaluw (19), Psychology
‘The stereotypical image of us psychology students is that we all have our own mental issue, of course. And that that’s why we wanted to study psychology. I think it’s not far from correct. Three-quarters of the people in my orientation group have endured something – depression, abuse, anxiety. I have. You can notice that in the atmosphere. Also positively. Especially when you notice that your fellow students are very open about the reason they chose psychology. That feels good.’

‘Moreover, I think that personal experience also influence the study choices of people at other faculties. So I don’t think it is so weird. A lot of science studies will probably have been playing with K’NEX in their youth, right?’

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