Ranking the faculties: ‘We are known as heavy drinkers’

04-04-2017, 13:27

Coming to class barefoot: it is possible at the Faculty of Arts. Kayleigh van Tiel and Lotte van Eupen, both English students, think their faculty is very laid back. What are their prejudices about other faculties?

The Faculty of Arts is not subject to prejudice like the Faculty of Law or the Faculty of science, Kayleigh van Tiel (20) and Lotte van Eupen (19) say. ‘What typifies our faculty is the fact that it is very open to everything. Students are not bound to convention’, says Van Eupen. ‘Recently, I saw someone with long hair and bare feet coming to the faculty. I think it is great that that’s possible here.’

That is different at the Faculty of Law. ‘There, everybody looks the same. I almost feel intimidated by the way everybody looks there. We are a little bit more alternative, but not very weird.’

The stereotypical image the students sketch of their own faculty, is not very bright. ‘My mom always says that I will become a teacher’, says Van Tiel. ‘Even though I am not sure yet myself.’ Van Eupen adds: ‘You often hear “but what can you do with your education?”‘ The two definitely agree on one thing: at the Faculty of Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies, people will hear that way more often.

Van Tiel thinks that her fellow English students bring up the average beer consumption at the faculty significantly. ‘Yes, we are known as heavy drinkers.’ Van Eupen en Van Tiel happen to stay away from alcohol. ‘But that is fine. That’s also possible here.’ And where do students use the most drugs? Van Tiel: ‘I always hear that it is easy to find something at the Faculty of Medicine.’

Dungeons and Dragons
The first results of the Vox survey (see text box) shows that most Arts students have quite some opinions about the Science students. They sleep with people the least, are the smartest, do not go out often and dress the worst. ‘The going out comment is not correct, you know’, says Van Eupen. ‘They like a party there.’ But: ‘they are the Dungeons and Dragons types. They are a little nerdy.’

Today is the second day of Vox on Tour: the mobile editorial office was at the Faculty of Arts yesterday and is at the Faculty of Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies today, on the 15th floor of the Erasmus building.

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