Vox caravan Stanley survives big fire in Oeffelt

27 Nov 2019

We almost gave up hope, but at the beginning of this week, we got some good news. The caravan we used during all Vox activities this summer (and who carries the name Stanley), has survived a big fire in a caravan storage in Oeffelt.

On Friday morning, the storage where Stanley spends the winter was already fully ablaze when somebody reported the fire. There was a lot of smoke, and in the surrounding area people could hear loud explosions when the fire reached the vehicles’ gas tanks. In total, the storage held 750 caravans, camper vans, and other objects.

Unlike many other caravans, the Vox caravan survived the fire. What saved it was that he is in such a sorry state that an indoor parking space would be a waste of money. That is why it was parked outside. Often, it was placed quite far from the other caravans, because the sight of it was bad publicity for the company which housed it.

All this caused Stanley to stand strong amid the destruction. Admittedly a little lopsided, but that isn’t new.

Fire truck

Nevertheless, the damage caused by the fire is huge. Newspaper De Gelderlander wrote about the Gebroeders van Lymborch festival (a medieval festival in Nijmegen, ed.), which faces 100.000 euros of damage, because props for the festival were stored in the warehouse. Earlier it was reported that a collection of jukeboxes with more than 70.000 singles and an antique fire truck, of which there were only three left worldwide, were also destroyed in the fire.

Here’s one of the videos Vox made with Stanley.

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