Vox on Tour: editors visit the faculties

31-03-2017, 13:06

Illustration: Roel Venderbosch

The Vox editorial board wants to stay up to date on the latest developments at Radboud University. That's why we're coming to see you! Monday 3 April marks the start of Vox on Tour: a seven-day tour of all faculties. During this week, we'll spend one day at each of the faculties.

Vox is going on tour starting this Monday. Instead of working at the office, the editors will work from the faculty scheduled for that day. Our goal is to meet as many students and staff members as we can each day. What are the latest faculty developments? What special stories can be told about the programme, the department or the student association? Everyone is welcome to visit our mobile editorial office. If you have a good tip, we may just write an article about it on voxweb.nl.

If you’d like to share interesting news or tips about your faculty, send an e-mail to our editor Mathijs Noij (m.noij@vox.ru.nl) or call us on 024-3612775. We’ll be on-site every day from 9.30 am to 5.00 pm following the programme below.

Monday 3 April: Faculty of Arts, location: hall of the Erasmus building
Tuesday 4 April: Faculty of Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies, 15th floor of the Erasmus building
Wednesday 5 April: Faculty of Social Sciences, hall of the Spinoza building
Thursday 6 April: Faculty of Law, hall of the Grotius building
Monday 10 April: Nijmegen School of Management, study and resource centre TvA 3
Tuesday 11 April: Faculty of Science, hall of the Huygens building
Wednesday 12 April: Faculty of Medicine, Geert Grooteplein 10, first floor

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