Week tip: Call me by your name

22 Jan 2018

No idea what to do during the upcoming week? Our week tippers know what to do! This week, Antonia Leise strongly suggests you go and see the movie Call me by your name.

There are movies that can be the content of a nice evening, there are movies we count to our favourites — movies we like, maybe love. And then there are the movies that stay, that let us be part of a story, bigger than the content of a nice evening or a regular re-watch. There is no concept that defines movies like those. Some are extraordinary by telling an ordinary story, reflect on a huge topic by putting a single person in the focus, are humorous and sad, light and heavy, entertaining and wise. Call Me by Your Name is all that, but, most of all, it is a story about growth, life and love you definitely do not want to miss.

So take a friend (or maybe more), grab some chocolate, get your bike, go to Lux, buy a ticket and watch Timothée Chalamet (a name you should definitely start to remember) give an Academy Award-worthy performance and Michael Stuhlbarg deliver the father-speech of the decade. Dive right into the Italian summer of 1983 that will leave you with the feeling you just had a full summer vacation and you are in desperate need of another one. And, if that was not sufficient enough already, enjoy an incredible soundtrack.

This movie, in my humble opinion, has done everything right. From the beautiful atmosphere to LGBTQ representation and its use of different languages. Although the last point might be something to consider for internationals that have problems with Dutch subtitles, since those are needed in the constant switch between English, Italian, French and a tiny bit of German. If you should have the opportunity to watch this movie, you should not think twice. It is definitely worth a visit to the cinema.

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