Week tip: Help in the karaoke desert


No idea what to do during the upcoming week? Our week tippers know what to do! This week, Jozien Wijkhuijs gives you the tip to clench your karaoke thirst in Nijmegen.

One of the little things Nijmegen does not really have, is a good karaoke bar in the city centre. And for internationals, this can cause some serious withdrawal. It’s not clear why Dutch karaoke places are so scarce, but fact is that they are.

Luckily for lovers of screaming into a microphone for a few hours straight, Cafe de Plak hosts a karaoke night this Friday, called PlakAoke. De Plak is a collective café, where you can have lunch or dinner, or go to parties in the basement. The bar often hosts parties with a slightly different theme, like ‘Italian Disco night’ or ‘I am weird’, a party meant for the weird and wonderful. De Plak has a rich history, it was a home to left-winged activist groups and played a big role in the Pierson Riots. Now, it still has a very inclusive feel to it. Go and check it out, and sing like you mean it!

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