Week tip: Pubquiz (Cultuur op de Campus)


No idea what to do during the upcoming week? Our week tippers know what to do! This week, Antonia Leise gives you the tip to fill the void the oscars left.

Academy Award winners have been selected, speeches were given and this year’s award season is slowly but steady coming to an end. And although Netflix-binges and movie-nights will continue, the reason ’because I want to cherish the new forms of cinematic art and participate in debates about critical acclaims’ will no longer be a sufficient justification to watch the entire second season of Stranger Things in one day.

But before you now start searching for other solutions to guilt-free visit a cinema three times a week: Cultuur op de Campus already has one. You can prove your divine knowledge about all your favourite movies and TV shows tonight (beginning 19:30) at this week’s pub quiz in the Cultuurcafé. Teams of four to six people can participate for an entrance fee of €5.

Besides the mere fun, this week’s pub quiz is additionally collecting money for the RAG week, supporting one national and one international charity every year. This year’s charities are the Stichting ACNS Projecthulp, supporting children in Sri Lanka, and the 113 zelfmoord preventie, helping people with suicidal thoughts. And if that’s not a good reason to have yet another preparatory movie night with your friends, I don’t know what is.

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