AKKUraatd and asap split the seats again

10 Jun 2019 ,

With a 209 vote bonus, AKKUraatd crowned itself the winner of the student elections. Next academic year, asap and AKKUraatd will both take up four seats in the University Student Council.

Student party AKKUraatd can call itself the winner of the student elections, with 3.539 vs. 3.330 votes. Just like the past two years, asap and AKKUraatd get the same amount of seats in the University Student Council (USR). The recent trouble in the USR seems to have no effect on the results of the elections.

With 37,2 percent, the turnout of the elections was a half percent higher than last year. Marina Bool, third on the AKKUraatd list, became the voting champion (483 votes), followed by Thom Teulings (asap leader, 421 votes) and Bart Zonneveld (AKKUraatd leader, 336 votes).


‘I am very proud of this result’, says Bart Zonneveld. ‘With our party, we ran a very nice campaign. It is good to see that so many people went out and voted. We will do whatever we can to make this a good year.’

Thom Teulings, of asap, agrees with that: ‘Every year, we start from scratch, so I am proud of everyone who committed themselves so much. We want to give every student a voice and because of that, it was important that people voted. I am happy and proud.’ Both party leaders congratulated each other with the nice result.

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