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‘Huygens cat’ is a very welcome guest at the science faculty

23 Nov 2022

Many students at the Faculty of Science have already met a friendly red tomcat. The ‘Huygens cat’ is a welcome guest at get-togethers and meetings in the building. ‘He has become our communal study buddy.’

As soon as the Vox photographer approaches the Huygens cat, he immediately jumps on his shoulder. And we haven’t even left the lawn in front of the science building. The cat, whose name no one seems to know but has become a minor celebrity on the faculty, is quite affectionate. Merijn Schutgens (21) of the faculty student council confirms this. He has known the pet for about a year.

‘The revolving door responds to the tomcat’s movements – which he quickly realised. If I were a cat, I’d probably also sneak inside each day to collect my daily serving of cuddles.’

Photo by Johannes Fiebig

The Huygens cat is not only popular during his visits to the faculty building. He has also built a substantial online fan base: there is a popular group chat in which students share pictures, and the ‘official’ Huygens cat Instagram account has some seven hundred followers.


Romy Geuvers (21), board member of the study association for biology (BeeVee), loves the cat. ‘He frequently comes to visit the canteen in the Huygens building and has really become our communal study buddy.’

His presence is also welcomed at associations’ activities, says Merijn Schutgens. ‘Last week, we as the student council organised a get-together, which he happily joined by laying on a couch in the canteen.’

The Huygenscat during the faculty student council’s drink.

For now, it is still unknown who actually owns the red tomcat. Schutgens suspects that the cat is living in SSH& housing complex Hoogeveldt or in a house on the other side of the railway tracks. The animal rarely causes problems. Gevers: ‘Usually, he is very affectionate and sweet – with the exception of yesterday when he accidentally caught a duck.’

Translated by Jan Scholten

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