Inflation also hits campus, students are spared as much as possible

16 Sep 2022

The current inflation is inescapable, also on campus. Sports, studying, and food are becoming more expensive. The university does however try to soften the blow for students.

12 percent, that was the Dutch inflation in August. It is the price increase of a packet of goods and services compared to the previous year. Higher energy costs and higher food costs drive up these prices. Radboud University is also forced to raise prices. An overview.


The coffee in De Refter has not become more expensive yet this calendar year. A cup of coffee is 1,85 euros. A warm dinner in the eating establishment is more expensive this year. The price for students has risen by 25 cents and by 30 cents for employees and outsiders, an increase of around 5 percent.

A spokesperson of the university says that the premise is to keep prices for students as low as possible. A few products often sold in De Refter (please note: table is not correctly presented in the mobile app):

Product jan-22 sep-22
Coffee €      1,85  €      1,85
Cappuccino €      2,25  €      2,25
Soda 0,5L PET €      2,10  €      2,20
Sousa Bun €      3,85  €      3,95
Soup €      1,65  €      1,75
Warm meal Craft Vegetarian €      5,70  €      6,00
Warme meal Craft meat/fish €      5,95  €      6,25
Warm meal Craft Vegetarian – Student €      5,10  €      5,35
Warme meal Craft meat/fish – Student €      5,35  €      5,60


The price of printing (4 cents per A4) and copying has not risen yet this past year. However, a price increase is on the horizon because of inflation and a paper shortage, team leader at Operational Services Joost van der Walle says. Also in this case, the goal is to not burden students. Because of the ongoing negotiations, nothing can be said yet about the possible price increase.

Tuition fees

The tuition fees will increase by 105 euros from September 2023. The increase will stay below 5 percent and is less than the current inflation. Minister of Education Robbert Dijkgraaf wants tuition fees to become less dependant on the highs and lows of inflation, he said in an earlier interview.


An annual subscription for students at the Radboud Sports Centre costs 134 euros this study year. Last year you paid 123 euros for the same subscription. That is an increase of 8,94 percent. In previous years, the costs increased by 5 euros.

Student associations

The major Nijmegen student associations are not increasing their membership fee or drinks prices by much. At Carolus Magnus, neither membership fees nor the beer price of 1,00 euro will be raised, says president Guus Kierkels. Such a price increase is ‘a measure we see as extreme and will only implement when there is no other option left’, Kierkels said. At neighbours Ovum Novum, the membership fee was not increased, but the price of beer did go up by ten cents, says president Stijn van den Boom.

Phocas increased the membership fee for the first time in five years. Not because of inflation, but to pay for the considerably higher rent of the new boathouse at the Spiegelwaal, says secretary Bram van den Berg.

Translated by Jan Scholten.

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