New in Nijmegen (1): Tonnie van de Burgt

21 Aug 2022

Every year, the introduction week brings new faces to the city. What are they looking for in Nijmegen and what is their background? Tonnie van de Burgt (65) from Budel is going to study art history, with a special interest for the history of costumes.

There is a reason why Radboud University adheres to the motto ‘lifelong learning’. Tonnie is 65 years old but not done with learning just yet.

What brings you to Nijmegen?

‘My first study was computer science and I happily worked in that field for 45 years’, says Tonnie. ‘But for my entire life I have been saying that I would love to study art history. And that time has finally come.’

She is not finished with working just yet, but at some point such a job comes to an end and it is time for new adventures, Tonnie thinks. ‘And I am of course very interested in how the IT at Radboud University is organised.’ Tonnie is skipping the sports day, of which there are five this year. ‘That is partly due to me still having to work this week. Still, I want to try to participate in as many activities as possible this week.’

Will you be looking for a student room?

‘No’, she says. Fellow students do not have to fear that she will be competing for living space on the already tight student housing market. ‘I am from Budel, all the way in the southern part of Brabant near the border with Belgium. It is a long way away, but I want to try and travel to and from Nijmegen every day. Finding a student room is not for me anymore.’

And? Going out with your introduction group this week?

‘I will not be able to make it every night. But going to the pub certainly still is my thing, so we will just have to wait and see.’

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