Pro-Palestine protests allowed on campus once again

01 Jul 2024

After three weeks, the heavy restrictions imposed on the protests at Radboud University have been lifted. Protesters are no longer limited to the parking lot on campus, as decided by mayor Hubert Bruls. Additionally, they are allowed to protest in the evening again.

According to the municipality, there were ‘no more offenses or disorderly conducts’ while the restrictions were in place.

Said restrictions were imposed on June 9th, in response to the criminal acts committed by protesters. At the time, riot police had to be deployed to stop the occupations and actions of the protesters.

Things escalated on June 5th, when the TvA1 building was occupied. Walls, windows, and floors were covered in slogans and red graffiti; furniture was trashed; firehoses were emptied. Due to these events, the police subsequently cleared the tents on campus where the protesters were staying.

For the past few weeks, protesters were forbidden from making new camps or barricades. They were only allowed to protest on the parking lot next to the sports centre, and not between 20:00 and 8:00. This decision was heavily criticised, but according to mayor Bruls the protests had ‘been given much more leeway than he would have allowed elsewhere’.


Speaking on behalf of the protesters, spokesperson Ties van den Bogaard claims to be ‘pleased with the lifting of restrictions’. It is not yet known whether there will be a new camp or other major actions. ‘For now, we will consider the possibilities.’

‘We’re focusing on major events: the Four Days’ Marches and the Orientation Week’

According to Van den Bogaard, the protests will continue, though they will quiet down during the holidays. ‘The overall feeling is still going strong. Right now, we’re focusing on major events. That includes the Four Days’ Marches and the Orientation Week, for instance.’

‘Report it’

Mayor Bruls urgently calls on the protesters to report all planned actions. Legally speaking, protests need to be reported at the municipality at least 48 hours beforehand.

‘That way, arrangements can be made with the municipality and police to make the protests safe for everyone. Of course, illegal acts at protests (such as destruction of property and disturbing peace in the classroom) remain prohibited and will be punished’, according to the municipality.

This article, written by Mitchel Suijkerbuijk, was published earlier in De Gelderlander.

Translated by Jasper Pesch

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