Rain causes big leaks in campus buildings

10 Sep 2021

Various university buildings could not deal with the heavy rain that fell this afternoon. In the Spinoza building, the water trickled through the ceiling of the lecture halls. In the Refter, too, the water came through the window at the front.

In the Spinoza building, students were taken out of the lecture halls. ‘We were sitting in class and we saw the water droplets slide down the wall’, says physics student Sander Hoefsloot. ‘We didn’t mind but suddenly water and foam started coming down in more places. The leaks got bigger and bigger until the water even came from the lights and the livestream camera.’

The teacher eventually called off the lecture. ‘We searched for another hall to continue the lecture in but the leaks were twice as bad in other places. Then we just fled outside.’

The water caused trouble in other places on campus as well. The staff of the Refter had to work with towels, squeegees, and a vacuum cleaner that can handle water. Within a glance, the damage didn’t seem to be large but the staff was literally mopping the floor while the faucet was turned on. Even though it was only rainwater, there was also an intrusive stink of sewers in the lunchroom. In the bathrooms, however, everything seemed to be fine.

Additionally, a student called in leaks on three different locations within the lecture hall complex. At the medical faculty, a lot of water came from the ceiling as well and in the Huygens building, the parking garage was flooded.

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