Research on ‘social conduct’ within the Faculty of Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies – Paul Bakker will not become dean

26 Jun 2020

Paul Bakker will not become dean of the Faculty of Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies. He has waived his appointment because he is ‘possibly the subject of an investigation,’ reports the Executive Board. That research involves ‘the social safety and social conduct within the department.’

Radboud University has released the news about an external investigation into social conduct within the faculty of Philosophy, Theology, and Religious Studies. The full message can be read on the website. ‘Multiple signals from multiple sources about a few people are the reason for this,’ the message states. ‘The Executive Board wants to carefully investigate what is going on and will then announce their conclusions. The aim is to do that this summer.’


Philosopher Paul Bakker, director of Radboud Reflects was due to take office on 1 July as the new dean of the faculty of Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies. The Executive Board has announced, however, that Bakker will no longer be appointed dean. ‘Because he may be the subject of the investigation and wants the independent committee to do its work without hindrance, he has decided not to bear any administrative responsibility for the department. The Executive Board respects his decision and agrees to waive his appointment.’

Faculty staff today received an email from current Dean Cristoph Lüthy announcing the investigation. The dean writes hoping that ‘it will become clear what can and should be done differently to guarantee a pleasant and safe environment for everyone.’ Details are not mentioned.


Lüthy’s successor is no longer available, but whether Lüthy will stay on longer as dean is unknown, reports Radboud spokesperson Martijn Gerritsen. ‘The Executive Board must decide on that.’ The spokesman does not want to say more about the reason for the investigation but that there were sufficiently serious ‘signals’ to warrant further investigation of the matter.

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