Statement by student parties and commotion about filming security guard at debate

08 Sep 2023

Student parties Green+, Knokpartij, AKKUraatd and ISEC made a short statement this afternoon during the Radboud Reflects lecture about freedom of speech and the presence of the GNSV at the intro market. On behalf of the four parties, Tom Steenblok of the Knokpartij stated that ‘these kinds of intolerant parties run counter to the values of Radboud University’ and he called upon the university ‘to exclude these parties from future events on campus.’

After the statement, rector Han van Krieken, who was debating with political philosopher Mathijs van de Sande, asked the parties whether they would be willing to start a dialogue with the GNSV. The parties confirmed that they would be open to a conversation, after which Van Krieken promised to provide a safe environment in which that conversation can take place.

Due to the fight at the intro market where three GNSV members were wounded, the university had arranged the presence of security. At the beginning of the debate, some commotion arose in the lecture hall when it appeared that the security guard was filming. The moderator who intervened during the commotion, promised that the footage would be deleted.

Translated by Sophie Verhoeven

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