Student associations serve risotto and burritos for freshmen

27 Aug 2021

Like every year during the introduction week, daily ‘eetacties’ (cheap meals prepared by student associations for new students) are held. A little tour around the city.

Every night, big associations like Ovum Novum, Carolus Magnus and Phocas receive new students and their mentors for a meal. At Ovum, where Wednesday night a three-course menu with soup, burritos and ice cream was served, it was full house last night. Different groups, divided over several rounds, came to their neighbour Carolus for risotto.

De Waagh

Also in other places in the city people ate together. For example, the new students from Communication and Information Science were sitting on the terrace of De Waagh at the Grote Markt. The 135 freshmen, their mentors and the Introduction Committee got food in two shifts. Other groups that were not from the study also sat on the terrace.

Several disputes also held ‘eetacties’. However, at several sorority houses Vox was not welcome to capture this on camera.

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