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24 Aug 2023

This week, thousands of new students will be filling up the campus and inner city. More than 4,400 first-year students will be getting to know Nijmegen. Obviously, Vox photographers will be there every day. You can find your pictures via the link to the album below, sorted by date.

Saturday, August 26th
Park Brakkenstein, the park bordering the campus, changed to a worthy festive terrain Saturday for the final event of the introduction week: the intro festival. From 15 pm onwards, the park steadily flooded with excited first years, mentors and other students who had purchased a ticket.

Two stages, an indoor cinema, various food trucks, a roller-skate disco and a Christmas party; there was no shortage of choice. The occasional heavy rainfalls failed to sour the mood and the performances of Turfy Gang and Gladde Paling made people dance and jump into the late hours. See here if the photographer spotted you.

We have reached the end of the introduction, and therefore also the end of this photoblog. Did we miss any pictures? Approach us on Instagram, and we will try our best to retrieve it.

Friday, August 25th
Raving at Psyched in Doornroosje
Psyched made her comeback last Friday after a few years of radio silence. The dance party that, before the pandemic, served as the last party before the introduction week for many, took place at the Doornroosje pop venue. No typical pub music, but predominantly electronic: from sax house to disco and trance: in just a few hours, first year students were introduced to a big variety of Nijmegen’s dance collectives. The pictures can be found here.

Thursday, August 24th
Boathouse party at Phocas
Student rowing association Phocas threw its first party at their new boathouse at the Spiegelwaal. We are obviously talking about the Boathouse party: a combination of partying and rowing right below Nijmegen’s iconic Waalbrug. There was plenty on offer for first-year students, whether it included taking first steps toward a future rowing career, playing badminton, sailing, or, of course, dancing while enjoying a few beers. The only thing not possible this year? Taking a dip into the water due to the blue algae discovery earlier this week. You can find the photos here.

Wednesday, August 23rd
S-cape party at Doornroosje
On Wednesday, hundreds of students paid their first visit to Nijmegen’s resident music temple Doornroosje. The occasion for their first visit was the S-cape party, hosted collaboratively by all study associations from the Social Science faculty. All three halls of Doornroosje were opened for the party, leaving students with a choice of chart, house, and disco music. The dancing commenced until late into the night. Did our photographer spot you? Have a look here.

Tuesday, August 22nd
Partying at Carolus Magnus
During the introduction week, new students can’t miss visiting one of Nijmegen’s largest student associations. At association Carolus Magnus, the city’s oldest student association, every day is a party. First-year students can bury their feet in the sand of the association’s front yard, which has been transformed into a beach for the week, and there is a big party at the house every day. Click here for the photos from Monday’s party.

Sports Day Faculty of Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies, Faculty of Arts & Faculty of Science
At the Sports Day, introduction participants get to know the various sports and activities on offer at the Radboud Sports Center. After the warming up, traditionally led by the RU’tje mascot, participants could try out a number of sports, including fencing, athletics, floorball, and even judo.

There were also two large swimming pools for some much-needed refreshment, where the water sports associations hosted their respective sports. Pictures of the events can be found in this Flickr album.

Monday, August 21st

Introduction market
Yesterday, participants of the introduction could secure a record number of free goodies on the annual introduction market. Associations, political parties, and other organisations were vying for the attention of dozens of students taking shifts in exploring the market. With the sheer amount of activities, music, and enthusiastic students trying to find new members for their organisation, it was hard to not get overwhelmed.

One notable addition to the supermarket bags handed out this year: a bright orange superhero cape with a Dutch flag attached, which can probably be found as King’s Day party attire all around the country next year. All photos of the spectacle can be viewed and downloaded here.

Pubcrawls and parties in the Molenstraat
Many studies have but one goal on Monday: get their intro participants to see as many pubs as possible in a few hours. Many pubcrawls ended at the outside bar at the Molenstraat, or one of the associated pubs. Vox photographer Diede van der Vleuten took a few shots, which can be found here.

Sunday, August 20th

Arrival at the station and introductions
The introduction has commenced! Roughly 4,400 first-year students are headed for a week filled with parties and fun activities. Many mentor groups are gathering at the station, on campus and in the city; they can be recognised by their colourful shirts (click here to see the photos).

Signup at the sports centre
Before the party can get underway, people first need to stop by the sports centre to pick up their wristbands. You can find photos of the registration here.

Games rotation Psychology
The intro committee for Psychology hosted a games roulette at SSH&’s Hoogeveldt building in order to help break the ice. A highlight of the day was the space hopper course, which was very hilly; participants were encouraged to get in each other’s way as much as possible. All pictures of the evening can be found here.

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