Thieves on campus run off with cameras and microphones

29 Nov 2023

There are thieves on campus. Over the past few days, various electronics were stolen from TvA1, the Spinoza building, and elsewhere. The university has announced that they filed a report with the police and that there will be additional supervision.

“Please lock this space after using”. This message can be read on various doors in TvA1, including the Teaching and Learning Centre.

Several rooms in the education- and administration building were burgled in the past week, with many valuable items missing. The damages include a smartboard, a soundbar, and a projector screen, according to an email sent to staff.

But TvA1 is not the only building visited by thieves, as stated by a university spokesperson. Electronic equipment, such as cameras and microphones, is also missing from the Spinoza building. The university is aware of four thefts, all committed in the past few days.

Additional surveillance

Due to the missing lecture materials, several classes had to be moved to different rooms. ‘While we did manage that, obviously this is very inconvenient to both students and teachers’, according to the spokesperson.

‘We ask everyone to remain vigilant’

A report has been filed with the police on behalf of the university. There will be additional surveillance on campus for the foreseeable future. However, the spokesperson refused to explain further. ‘We ask everyone to remain vigilant.’

Additionally, more care shall be taken to ensure that spaces are locked when not in use. ‘However, we will try to make sure that teachers or students won’t be locked out.’

Did you catch a thief in the act? Then call the university’s emergency number: 024-3655555. In less urgent cases, you can call the security department at 024-3619000.

Translated by Jasper Pesch

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