Chaplaincy rainbow flag: ‘Silent protest against Nashville’

09 Jan 2019

Sinds yesterday morning, a rainbow flag is raised in front of the student chaplaincy, as a form of silent protest against the Dutch version of the Nashville declaration.

Normally, the chaplaincy only raises the rainbow flag, the symbol of the LGBTQ movement, during Pink Week. But for this, the chaplain makes an exception.

The reason for this is the conservative christian Nashville declaration, which was signed by – among others – SGP leader Kees van der Staaij last weekend. The document describes how Christians should profess their faith. The statement negatively talks about homosexual and transgender people. The news caused a storm of protest in The Netherlands.


‘In the past few days, we received messages through Facebook and e-mail with the question whether we as the student chaplaincy wanted to react to the Nashvile declaration’, says pastor John hacking. ‘But if you just start shouting things yourself, you yourself create more hassle. As a form of silent protest, we raised the rainbow flag.’

‘With this symbol we say: we do not agree with the preachers who signed the Nashville declaration. The student chaplaincy is open to all students.’

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