Vox podcast launch: In a Nutshell

02 okt 2023

Vox is launching its new podcast, In a Nutshell, with hosts Jara Majerus and Antonia Leise. Every two weeks, they will invite Radboud researchers to talk about their favourite topics – explained in bite-sized episodes. Today, the podcast trailer was released.

What do horse accidents and baking eggs on asphalt have in common? And why has every culture in the world its own monsters? In their new podcast, In a Nutshell, Vox journalists Jara Majerus and Antonia Leise will answer those and many more questions. Today, the podcast teaser was released.

Starting October 9, In a Nutshell will invite Radboud researchers to talk about their interesting research topics in bi-weekly episodes. The pilot episode with Jara Majerus and Ph.D. scholar Arjan Sterken will dive into the fascinating world of monsters. For the second episode, Antonia Leise will talk with historian Anneleen Arnout about the surprisingly emotional history of asphalt paving. The first season of the podcast will release a total of 20 episodes.

Leuk dat je Vox leest! Wil je op de hoogte blijven van al het universiteitsnieuws?

Bedankt voor het toevoegen van de vox-app!

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  1. Koen schreef op 2 oktober 2023 om 18:01

    Wordt de podcast ook nog op een open platform gepubliceerd? Spotify en Amazon music geven beide geen RSS-feed.

    • Antonia Leise schreef op 4 oktober 2023 om 13:18

      Hi Koen,

      Thank you for your question! Beginning with next week’s episode, the podcast will also be published as a video embedded in a Vox article, so you can listen to it directly on the website. Additionally, we will publish the podcast also on AntennaPod and Pocket Casts, which are both open source podcast providers.

      I hope this answers your question and you will be able to tune in for next weeks episode!

      Best wishes,

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