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22 May 2019

Most of my blog posts are very much focused on student life, but let’s talk about sustainability hacks that apply to everyone and that you may or may not be doing already. But what’s the harm in emphasising some super easy sustainable alternatives?

As always, all of these you can find in the Netherlands even when you don’t have a package-free store nearby. Just remember that the most sustainable thing you can do is to finish what you already have and only make the swap when the item you have is at the end of its lifecycle.

  • Low-waste dental care

Probably everyone has seen or tried out bamboo toothbrushes that are mostly compostable. But did you know you can also get your mouthwash, toothpaste and even floss without plastic? Make sure to remember to order in bulk to save on packaging waste. Some people even DIY it, but when you look for recipes keep in mind choosing ingredients that won’t damage your teeth.

  • Ditch paper tissues and towels

Opt for cloth reusable ones and save some money on that as well. There are so many to choose from and of course you can also make it your next DIY project if you are so inclined.

  • Cotton buds and pads? No, thank you

Disposable cotton pads you can easily replace with cloth ones you can wash, and there are cotton buds that don’t have any plastic in them, so check that out!

  • Bars all the way!

Did you know you could get shampoo and even conditioner in a bar instead of a bottle? Not to mention soap has always been the plastic-free alternative to bodywash.

  • Keep it natural

If anything, just making sure that anything you buy is made from natural ingredients or components, will already diminish your carbon footprint. Next time you need to buy something take a little time to see if there are alternatives made from non-plastic, the options may surprise you!

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