How to not need Marie Kondo

30 Jan 2019

Blogger Nastia, from Ukraine, is always trying to find ways to make her life greener and more sustainable. For Vox, she will blog about going green in Nijmegen. In this blog: you don't need Mary Kondo's decluttering tips, if you don't get too much stuff.

So the holidays came and went, exams will soon be over, we all can’t wait to get back to our routines of studying, partying, waiting for more sunny days and maybe binging on Netflix. Or maybe you’ve already been doing that, and you saw the latest Netflix original on the KonMari method of tidying up your space and life. Now, while I definitely recommend watching it, or maybe grabbing Marie Kondo’s book even, there can be a few things to keep in mind when you strive to live sustainably as a student.

You can’t throw away what you don’t have
Because many of us are living in small rooms and only for a few years, it’s hard to imagine that we’d have too much stuff in the first place. Although some definitely strive to achieve that! So maybe instead of focusing on what you can throw away – focus on what you shouldn’t take or buy in the first place. All of the promotional gifts on open days? Maybe stop for a second and think if you want it because it’s free or because you really need it. Chances are, it’s not gonna be the latter.

Give away, don’t throw away
Still we all end up with a bunch of things we don’t really want or need. Things that don’t ‘spark joy’ (Marie Kondo’s go-to phrase). So while it is much easier to throw out all of it, maybe consider giving your things a second life with someone who wants them. I’m talking Marktplaats, Buy/Sell groups on Facebook, even giving them away to Het Goed, the Facebook free stuff groups and your clothes to stores like ReShare or H&M. Finally, you really should look into what can or cannot be recycled, and then enjoy your clutter-free home.

Be crafty
Students are probably the most creative beings on earth. Coming up with easy, quick, cheap solutions is a skillset we have been perfecting for the duration of our whole degree. Which is why there probably is no need to buy any storage solutions to organise your space full of things you really love. I’ve organised my accessories with glow-stick bracelets from a party at one point! Or just repurpose some old boxes, containers, bags, or make them from the stuff you were gonna throw out.

Clutter-free mindset
Decluttering isn’t just about material things. Sometimes it’s as simple as unsubscribing from all those promotional e-mails and newsletters to give you peace of mind whenever you check your e-mail. On top of that, did you know that e-mails also have a carbon footprint? By reducing the amount of incoming junk mail, you will not only help clear your headspace but also help the environment!

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