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11 Apr 2019

Blogger Nastia, from Ukraine, is always trying to find ways to make her life greener and more sustainable. For Vox, she will blog about going green in Nijmegen. In this blog: apps to help you greenify your life.

Whenever I think about becoming better at leading a sustainable lifestyle, I often wish I had more tools to help me on this journey. After all, it is a big mission to carry out all by yourself, surely there are others who can make the transition just a bit easier for you?

So here are some apps and resources to help you greenify your life. All of these have been tested by me, so it’s definitely not just one of those ‘Top-10 sustainable apps list’ where most are so awkward to use that you just get frustrated and abandon the whole idea.

Too good to go
Honestly this is really cool, even if you are not about sustainability, but just want to save some money as a student. This app helps you find stores and cafes that sell leftovers super-cheaply at the end of the day. In Nijmegen there are quite a few cafes that participate so make sure you check it out!

Ever wondered how you can have your favorite junk-food in a vegan version? This app can help you find vegan substitutes and recipes for anything you want. From bacon to eggs – it works wonders.

Happy Cow
For me this is my go-to app when I am travelling. It’s so easy to find good vegan and vegetarian restaurants as they are all rated by fellow veggie-lovers and not just based off information on Google.

Speaking of travelling: yes, we all are spoiled senseless with the availability of drinking water from the tap here in the Netherlands (and most of Europe). But some countries can be tricky, so this app is for finding places to refill your water bottle.

Eerlijk Winkelen
For this one, you might need to brush up on your Dutch, but it’s a great app to see all the sustainable, fair-trade, organic shops and businesses in the area.

Bulk Finder
On that note, this isn’t an app exactly, but it’s an online bulk-store locator, so you know where you can stock up on those unpackaged products or buy things in bulk to save on packaging.

That’s it for now. Let me know if there are apps you love to use and if these are of any help to you!

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