New year shopping? Go vintage!

09 Jan 2019

New blogger Nastia, from Ukraine, is always trying to find ways to make her life greener and more sustainable. For Vox, she will blog about going green in Nijmegen. In this second blog, she gives tips on how to fight winter blues with shopping, but in second-hand shops.

It is no secret to anyone that, while we wait for the world to shift towards more sustainable and transparent production, we common mortals have but one most effective action to take – reuse! Buying second-hand, receiving hand-me-downs, giving your possessions away are ways that you can easily make change. So on that note, here’s a list of second-hand and vintage stores in Nijmegen, where you can pop by the next time you’re in need of something or simply want to browse around.

Het Goed – Most students will know it, especially those of you who have been in town for longer than a year, as it used to be smack in the city centre. It has literally everything. Furniture, clothes, books, toys, curtains, kitchenware, home decor; you name it.
Address: Industrieweg 50, 6541 TW Nijmegen

Kleren Goed – It’s similar to Het Goed although much smaller, but to be completely honest I haven’t been there as often. Go check it out!
Address: Prins Hendrikstraat 14-A, 6521 AW Nijmegen

Habbekrats – A surprise shop. You never know what hidden gem you might find this time, so why not have a look?
Address: In de Betouwstraat 17, 6511 GB Nijmegen

Basta – I love this one, it’s so cosy and hidden, and almost always has something for me. Beware that it is only open a few hours on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
Address: Begijnenstraat 34, 6511 WP Nijmegen

ReShare – First and foremost it’s a clothing store. They are quite affordable, especially in terms of shoes and often have some sort of deal going on.
Address: Lange Hezelstraat 84, 6511 CM Nijmegen

Appel en Ei – Admittedly one of the most expensive ones on the list, but it’s worth visiting if you’re looking for something more upscale.
Address: Augustijnenstraat 39, 6511 KE Nijmegen

There are also a couple of vintage stores you might want to check out!

Fabrics & More – Two floors of vintage goodness! They often have kilo-sales and have their own trailer at the Kaaij during Vierdaagse.
Address: Derde Walstraat 83, 6511 SN Nijmegen

Sussies – Lots and lots of great choices and deals.
Address: Lange Hezelstraat 57, 6511 CC Nijmegen

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  1. Sam wrote on 10 januari 2019 at 15:09

    It would be nice if next time you could maybe include links to the websites of the shops — and to Nastia’s blog?

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