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23 Apr 2019

Blogger Nastia, from Ukraine, is always trying to find ways to make her life greener and more sustainable. For Vox, she will blog about going green in Nijmegen. In this blog: positive news on sustainability.

Oftentimes when you are very much invested in a societal issue you can get so caught up in finding more of the problems that need addressing, that you get mentally exhausted and miss most, if not all, of the uplifting news. News that psychologically should motivate you to continue your fight. News that make it all worth the effort. So this post will be all that. A collection of positive news about sustainability and saving our planet.

Yes, it is still being tested, but you can’t help but get hopeful, especially because a big supermarket chain is actually attempting to do something. Maybe all those anti-plastic protests paid off!

They definitely contributed way too much to promoting fast fashion and that’s a serious problem, but H&M has been accepting old clothing to be reused or recycled for quite some time. And they say that by 2030 they want to be able to produce clothes from recycled or fully sustainable materials. So maybe even the culprits of waste production can change our world for the better? And if they can, so can we!

That’s fantastic news! While we are all making efforts to try and limit our own use of plastics, without bans like this manufacturers won’t be looking to provide alternatives that we can and will use instead.

Maybe shaming those who do fly is a drastic measure, but being conscious about the environmental impacts of flying opens up the debate regarding sustainable travel. After all, our goal is not to stop flying altogether, but to make transport systems eco-friendly. And maybe that is worth taking the train for your next trip!

  • Young people are leading the way in climate change awareness

Everyday there are news of initiatives led by young people, students and even kids in school. Surveys show that for the younger generation actively battling climate change is of utmost importance. And that is the most uplifting news of all!

Have you heard any more positive news in regards to sustainability? Make sure you share it with others and take some time to be happy about it.

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