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04 Jun 2019

We talked about sustainability hacks, about greenifying your shopping, about eco-friendly student life. But what if you want to do more? What if you feel like you can take it a step further and influence others to start living more sustainably? Or better yet, work on changing the system so that we don’t exhaust our planet in the next decades. Don’t worry, I got you.

From last September Radboud opened their very own Green Office – the headquarters of all things sustainable for the university. They are always looking for volunteers and occasionally hire students to make the campus just a little greener.

If you care about the sustainability of your specific faculty, now is the time to get onboard. You can join the ecoteam of your faculty to contribute to a more sustainable campus. This is a part of Radboud Ecocampus.

  • Klimaat Actie Nijmegen

If you want to do more outside of university, check out this Nijmegen-based action group. They regularly post about actions you can join in on like the Plastic Attacks in Albert Heijn where you bring the public’s attention to all the plastic packaging or even international actions that they support such as Ende Gelande.

  • Duurzaamheidscafe Nijmegen

If you’re up for some didactics, join in on the Sustainability Cafe that happens every month. WARNING: it is in Dutch! But it’s an amazing opportunity to participate in relevant debates and meet like minded people. Be sure to register for the next event!

If you know more sustainability-oriented groups that need help, let us know and here’s to hoping this post will get a “part 2”!

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