Sustainable summer

24 Jun 2019

Blogger Nastia, from Ukraine, is always trying to find ways to make her life greener and more sustainable. For Vox, she will blog about going green in Nijmegen. In this blog: it's summer, do you know how to enjoy it sustainably?

The academic year is reaching its end and most of us are so ready to embrace the summer mood. Whether you are going away for the holidays, staying here, working or partying, here are a few things to keep in mind as you enjoy the sun and your freedom.

  • Choose mineral sunscreens

Did you know that chemical sunscreens are toxic to marine life? Each time you take a dip in the sea you wash off chemicals than contribute to coral bleaching. On the other hand, mineral sunscreens are safer for you and the environment and protect you just as well.

  • No-flight holiday

Consider an alternative method of transportation when headed to your next destination. Going by train will significantly reduce your carbon footprint and there are some sweet deals too! Look into interrailing or other youth deals.

  • Always ask yourself ‘is this sustainable?’

No need to always look for an eco-friendly label (after all, somehow even sustainability became commercialized). Just use common sense and whether it’s a choice between a local product or imported, a chain hotel or family business, aim for the better option for yourself and the environment.

  • Save energy

The world is getting warmer and warmer, which means you gotta find ways to cool off in the summer. A/C, showers, you name it! But maybe once in a while you can spritz yourself with cold water instead of taking a full-blown shower and consider a more energy-efficient air conditioner or even a fan.

  • Pick up the trash!

Summer is for picnics and BBQs, but that comes with responsibility. From food scraps harming wildlife to bottle caps and foil ending up in the water – leaving trash behind is the worst thing you can possibly do. So make sure to leave your place of relaxation clean and if you’re in the mood – pick up anything you see. Just because it isn’t yours, doesn’t mean it won’t affect you and your surroundings.

Last but not least – enjoy yourself! Discover something new this summer, try all kinds of things! I truly believe that loving yourself and the environment goes hand in hand.

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