Sustainable ways of transport

01 Oct 2019

The internet has been buzzing with discussions of Greta Thunberg’s decision to attend the UN Climate Summit in New York by boat to make a statement on flight emissions. Many media outlets have also been weighing in on the issue of sustainability or rather unsustainainability of flights.

But students often care more about cost-efficiency of traveling than about the emissions. Often it’s not just about a fun holiday, but as trivial as visiting family. So here are some of the “greener” ways you can travel without breaking the bank.

This is ideal for longer trips as you can go anywhere in Europe within a certain period. The Interrail is for EU residents and is slightly cheaper. Trains are one of the most environmentally-friendly means of transport, but you have to know where to get a good deal!

  • NS promotions

Speaking of deals: within the Netherlands, you can regularly get ahold of promotions for train tickets such as day-cards for 15 euros etc. Keep an eye out on this website or just search for “treinkaartje acties”.

One of the cheapest ways to travel is via buses. Sometimes it’s even cheaper than by train! For example, to Eindhoven it costs 5 EUR one-way. You can also offset carbon emissions when you book your tickets.

  • Ridesharing

Carsharing will, of course, reduce overall emissions, so next time you want to go somewhere consider either sharing your car with others or check if anyone is going towards your destination via Blablacar. Of course, if you’re really adventurous you can always try hitchhiking! Just be mindful of the nuances of hitchhiking in different countries.

  • Ferries or boats

An unusual thing to consider these days, but if you’re heading somewhere across a body of water maybe look into sailing options. For instance, there are cheap deals for short trips between mainland Europe and the UK if you take the ferry.

Hopefully, there is something here you can consider for all your future travels and if you know of some other ways to travel sustainably and cheaply, let us know!

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