The cooking traveler: Greece

10-03-2017, 13:12

Who says that we can only be in one place at a time? Feeling the need to find a comfort zone in a foreign country, student Ilaria Corti, from Italy, talks about origins and traditions with other international students. All of this over a nice meal from their home country. This time, she tastes Greek food with her two flatmate Marilena.

I’ve never been to Greece but I’ve always guessed that the atmosphere you can breath in the country is really similar to the spirit of sirtaki music. During my orientation week here at RU, I was impressed by the synchrony of greek students dancing syrtaki together. It was something that everybody could do, a beautiful expression of their cultural heritage.

My flatmate Marilena comes from a small island close to Athens, Aegina. Her family visited a week ago and of course they brought some food she was missing a lot. The first day we met after her family left, she kindly offered me different types of amazing homemade greek food: I must say that I would miss it too.

The mediterranean taste hit me immediately, fresh cheese wraps, goat milk pasta, tomatoes, olive oil, oregano and also a cake with honey and a cinnamon touch, that was an unexpectedly similar to the dutch taste. Apart from the cake, with this kind of arabic sweetness, Greek cuisine has a fresh and soar character. Yogurt and feta are really common, especially made from sheep and goat milk, and can be used in almost anything.

For our dinner, we made the well-known tzatziki sauce, greek salad and, reminding the islander roots of Marilena, pasta with peppers, feta and shrimps.

Everything was so delicious, thanks to Marilena for this amazing greek taste!

Kali Orexi! Buon appetito!


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