Korean Cowgirl

14 Sep 2022

More than 600 exchange students are joining Radboud University this year. English Literature student Holly Hartley from the University of Exeter is one of them. For the upcoming semester, she is going to participate in a letter exchange, discussing her experience in Nijmegen with Julia Vosmeijer, an English Language and Culture student from Radboud who is going to do an exchange in Holly's home county, Kent.

Dear Julia,

Thank you so much for your recommendations! As per your advice, I went to visit the city library whilst I was waiting for my appointment at the municipality (a slightly stressful experience but I’m happy to say that I made it out alive). I also picked up a Coffeelovers loyalty card, so I’m looking forward to putting it to good use over the coming months.

My mission for this week is to visit all the bookshops you recommended me, I’ve walked past Boekhandel-Antiquariaat O.M van Hoorn plenty of times already, so it’s about time I finally head inside and see if I can pick up any hidden gems.

In terms of places to visit in Canterbury, I think you’ll be spoilt for choice as it’s a very vibrant and historical city – not unlike Nijmegen! I recommend visiting the Cathedral at least once because it’s just so beautiful. At Christmas they host a candlelit carol concert – which is always worth attending.

If you want to escape the busy streets, then the Franciscans Gardens are a perfect place to spend some time relaxing amongst nature. There are also the Westgate Gardens which are perfect for a picnic, if you want to study outside, or just take a break from working. You can also go punting down the river here, which might be fun as long as you don’t fall in the water!

I’d also recommend exploring the King’s Mile, which is a collection of streets near the Cathedral. It is a very creative area with lots of artisanal shops to visit, including the historic Orange Street, named after William of Orange. There are many places to eat and drink, with The Korean Cowgirl being a very popular choice for those who like Asian-fusion cuisine, however if you want to experience a classic Full English Breakfast, then you should visit The Longport Café – just round the corner from St Augustine’s Abbey.

I’ve really been enjoying exploring Nijmegen and, so far, settling into life at Radboud hasn’t been too overwhelming. However, I still have to find the optimal place to study on campus. Also, I think I’m finally ready for a bigger adventure and seeing some more of the Netherlands. I still have to decide where my first city trip is going to be, but I’m sure that there are many places accessible by bike or public transport. Maybe you have a recommendation?

I’m excited to hear more about your adventures soon.

All the best,


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