Radboud University is approaching milestone of 25.000 students

06 Oct 2021

Again, more students are studying at Radboud University this academic year than ever. It’s a growth of 2,4 percent: 574 students more than last year. In total, almost 25.000 students choose to enroll in a university study in Nijmegen.

The number of students at Radboud University has been growing steadily since 2017. In five years’ time, the total amount grew by a staggering 17,7 percent. While there were 20.964 then, today there are 24.678. This stems from the annual 1 October figures, in which universities determine how many students they have.

The number of students applying at Radboud University already grew by a hefty 5 percent last academic year. At the time, the university speculated the COVID-19 pandemic had an influence, with less students choosing to take a gap year. But the number of students choosing to study in Nijmegen grew once again, with 2,4 percent or 574 students.

The Faculty of Social Sciences is the largest faculty for the second year in a row, with 5.460 students. Followed by the Nijmegen School of Management (5.162 students). The biggest climber is the Faculty of Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies, now counting 1.029 students, 18,5 percent more than last year. All faculties grew a little, with only the Faculty of Law shrinking by 2,3 percent or 82 students.


The number of applications for the Radboud Teachers Academy (RTA) declined as well, from 105 to 75. But that doesn’t mean Radboud university is training less teachers. ‘Students enrolling in a minor or biennial educational master, are not included in these numbers’, says a spokesperson for the university. ‘The number of teacher qualifications handed out by the Radboud Teachers Academy every year has been stable for years, at around 150.’

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