University turns down thermostat to save on (possibly Russian) gas

05 Apr 2022

Radboud University is going to turn down the thermostat. From now on, 19 degrees Celsius will be the norm in all buildings. As a first step, tomorrow the heating will be turned down a bit.

By taking this action, the university answers the government’s call to turn down heating. The idea is that the Netherlands becomes less dependent on gas from Russia this way. Furthermore, it’s better for the climate. Also a nice bonus, keeping in mind the rising prizes of fossil fuels: turning down the thermostat also lowers the energy bill.

The action is not only aimed toward Russia. For reasons of sustainability, the university has already made use of alternatives to gas: in some buildings, for example, the heat and cold storage system is used for heating and cooling.

200 government buildings

Recently, it was announced that in over 200 government buildings the thermostat will from now on be set to 19 degrees Celsius. Radboud University now follows. Whether the university actually uses Russian gas is unclear. The university does not have a contract with Gazprom but cannot say for certain whether suppliers import gas from Russia or not, they stated in an online message.

Turning down the thermostat does not happen all at once. Every two weeks, the temperature will be lowered by 1 degree, until it is set to 19 degrees Celsius. How long that takes depends on the building; not every thermostat is set to the same temperature. The first step will be taken tomorrow.


The measurement will be taken in almost all buildings. Only rooms that require certain conditions, such as laboratories, are excluded. The university day care centre is also exempted.

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