In a Nutshell, ep. 15: On Palestine, pt. 1: Navigating Settler Colonialism with Noura Alkhalili

06 mei 2024 ,

This month, In a Nutshell presents something different: a two-part series focussing on the subject of Palestine. We offer the microphone to researchers who tell us about their perspectives and knowledge on the topic in its broadest sense. This week’s guest, Noura Alkhalili, will look at Palestine through a settler colonial lens.

What is settler colonialism? How does it work? And how does it affect Palestinians today? Noura Alkhalili will navigate us through these questions and share her academic, as well as her personal insights with us. Seeing that this is a big topic, we provide explanations for some key terms below.

Noura Alkhalili is an Assistant professor of Human Geography at the Department of Geography, Planning and Environment. Settler colonialism in Palestine is one of her fields of expertise.

Do you want to know more about settler colonialism in Palestine? Follow Noura’s tip and read The Hundred Years’ War on Palestine by Rashid Khalidi.

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