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In a Nutshell, ep. 5: Why We Risk It with Kim Fairley

04 dec 2023 ,

In the Vox podcast In a Nutshell, hosts Jara Majerus and Antonia Leise take a deep dive into the university's most interesting, strange, and exciting research. Every two weeks, they invite Radboud researchers to talk about their favourite topics – explained in bite-sized episodes. In today's episode, Jara talks with Kim Fairley about taking risks and living with uncertainty.

How risky is playing the lottery? Why would anyone go free solo climbing? And most importantly, do we need to risk it to get the biscuit?

The fifth episode of In a Nutshell is all about risking it. From gambling to putting one’s life on the line – this episode will take you onto the uncertain paths of life. And this week’s guest Kim Fairley will be the navigator on this exploration of risk.

Kim Fairley is an assistant professor of Economics with specific expertise in behavioural economics at the Nijmegen School of Management. Unlike most people, Kim does not avoid risks but instead investigates them to share her useful findings with her audience.

Do you want to know more about risk, uncertainty, and insecurity? Follow Kim’s tip and listen to the podcasts Freakonomics Radio and ParentData with Emily Oster.

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